Hi, I’m Sheli, I play hang drum and compose music. My sister Maayan plays the cello. Together we perform our songs at music festivals in Israel and abroad. We love nature, yoga, music and fairy tales. We invite you to look into our magical world, which we created together. We hope you enjoy it!

Sheli Shirel

Sheli believes in Good Witches. Sheli believes that not everything that looks scary on the outside, really is on the inside. One can try to befriend their own fear, shine some light on it and share some love with it. Sheli wrote this when she was 11 years old.

Music, performance and direction: Sheli Shirel
Filming in the forest near Jerusalem, Israel
Video: Valeriy Lapshov

“Forest of My Dreams” is a song about nature and the need to be in harmony with nature and protect it. Everyone can do it because it’s so easy! And, in return, the forest fairies will send you their blessing …

Music, lyrics and Hang drum: Sheli Shirel
Cello: Maayan Shirel
Filming in the Jerusalem forest in Israel
Video: Valery Lapshov

And let our lives be easy like these white clouds…

Lyrics, music, vocal and Hang drum: – Sheli Shirel
Cello: Maayan Shirel
Filmed on Palmahim Beach, Israel
Video: Nicolay Litovkin

The very first song Sheli composed at the age of 9. Each person can have their own association with the First Earth Chakra.

Lyrics, music, ,vocal and Hang drum: Sheli Shirel
Cello: Maayan Shirel
Filmed in Negev Desert, Israel
Video: Nicolay Litovkin