I dream that children all over the world were able to fall asleep easily and be happy and healthy listening to my musical yoga tales ” …. eight year old Liya said to her yoga and music teacher, Ira Shirel, who promised to make her last dream come true.

This is how this magical project Yoga Tales was born.



Isn’t it wonderful when children fall asleep well and sleep throughout the whole night calmly? Yoga tales is a unique bedtime story that helps children exactly with this!

Click here to listen to  musical Yoga Tales


Would you like to learn to compose yoga stories?

Let’s dive into the world of imagination and get to know the symbols of the chakras, answer the questions and succeed in composing our own adventure story!


All over the world, our mission is to share knowledge about laya yoga and spread it, putting this knowledge into children, into the future of our world. Laya Yoga connects us with our inner strength.

Meet people who made this project come to life.


With the help of this magical story book, your child will learn to let go of their fears and worries, connect to their inner strength, will learn how to be be brave, creative, and loving, will be able to fall asleep easily and see the most wonderful dreams!

These musical stories are unique because they are based on the ancient knowledge of Laya yoga (kundalini yoga), which teaches a child to observe their inner world and to listen and trust their hearts. 

Parents and children, we wish you all a good night’s sleep!”

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Where will your donations go

  • Translate, record and publish audiobook into multiple languages 
  • Create meditative cartoons for all of the chapters of yogatales series in multiple languages 
  • Expand use of Laya yoga as a permanent alternative therapy for children in hospitals 
  • Print additional book copies and distribute them to children in hospitals.

Meditative cartoons

We invite you to watch  first few parts of meditative cartoons based on our yoga tales.

Audio meditations

To relax and uplift your mood listening to the wonderful meditation music composed for you by Ira Shirel, Sheli Shirel and Maayan Shirel

Compositions by Shirel Sisters

Introducing  musical videos composed and played by Liyas’ best friends Maayan(14) and Sheli(12) Shirel

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