Welcome to Yoga Tales


Welcome to Yoga Tales

Charitable project

Our mission is to support the well-being of children through a musical yoga fairytale they can enjoy before bedtime.

This was a wish of an 8-yearold girl named Liya who created this musical yoga fairytale and dreamed of sharing her tales with children all over the world

The tales are based on ancient knowledge of Laya yoga, which teaches children to reach to their own internal power to create miracles.




Dear parents,

Isn’t it wonderful when children fall asleep well and sleep throughout the whole night calmly?Liya’s yoga tales is a unique bed time story that helps children exactly with this!With the help of this magical story book, your child will learn to let go of their fears and worries, fall asleep easily and see the most wonderful dreams!

These musical stories are unique because they are based on the ancient knowledge of Laya yoga, which teaches one to observe their inner world, and to listen and trust their hearts. We invite you to join our charity project and buy the audio chapters and book of Liyas tales. All of the proceeds from the sales of the book and audio chapters will be donated exclusively to charities. Parents and children, we wish you all a good night’s sleep!

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Therapeutic and healing musical stories for children

With the help of these therapeutic musical stories for children, children will learn how to control their emotions, fall asleep easily, sleep well, and be brave and creative in their everyday lives!

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New! The project is expanding into a cartoon series soon…

And we want to do it as soon as possible! Join us so we can do it faster.

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With warmth and love

All over the world, our mission is to share knowledge about laya yoga and spread it, putting this knowledge into children, into the future of our world. Laya Yoga connects us with our inner strength. We publish books on how to use laya yoga before bedtime, and the fairy tale “Antelope in her imaginary world” for children, and in the near future a series of meditative cartoons based on stories. Over time, we want to create a fund to help sick children.


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