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Opening Concert July 2, ’19 (Jerusalem)

Dear Parents and Children,

We invite you to join us for a musical concert honoring the release of Liya’s book “Antelope in her Imaginary world” and the beginning of a global charity project to help children!

The goal of our charity is to sell Liya’s stories so that we can donate it to kids in hospitals for them to feel peaceful, calm, and sleep well.

(The book is in audio form because music is the most effective way to enter a deep relaxation.)

We invite you to join us at 18:30 in Mivaserret Zion, Jerusalem for a wonderful celebration with live music, drinks, and the published CD and books.

Address: אפרסק 23 ג מבשרת ציון

—In the program—-

** LIVE playing of all the musical instruments in the story (for children and parents to participate in)

** Shirel Sisters concert (Maayan and Sheli, 12 and 10) playing their favorite songs.

Songs composed by Aliza Keren for Violin, Santur, Cello, and Hang drum (Aliza Keren, Ira Shirel, Maayan & Sheli Shirel)

** Refreshments and sale of books (all proceeds go to our charity project)

We are really excited to celebrate with you!

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Cartoon Series

New! The project is expanding into a cartoon series soon…. and we want to do it as soon as possible! Join us so we can do it faster.

Liya wanted her stories ​​to help children all over the world sleep better, feel peaceful and well. This was her dream. We are expanding her musical audio chapters into a cartoon series!

Our goal is to collect funds to make a 44 chapter cartoon series of Liya’s Yoga Tales in three languages (Russian, English, and Hebrew). When we meet this goal, all of the proceeds will go to donating books, audio, and CDs to children in need.

Sheli began creating illustrations for the Liya’s stories.

“Come, please draw pictures for my yoga fairy tales! When we make a book for children with my fairy tales, there will be your pictures and it will be wonderful!” said dear Liya with delight. Sheli kept her promise. She listened to the fairy tale, imagined the chakra and the plot, and drew and colored each scene …. This is how all her drawings were born.