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By purchasing our fairy tales, you will not only enjoy yourself, but will also help us expand this unique project—We plan to create cartoons based on these fairy tales, as well as translate them into several more languages.

On this page you will see seven more chapters of our audio book.



Instruments you hear in the stories

  • First Earth Chakra – Gongs and Tibetan Bowls
  • Second Chakra of Water – Small Hang Drum
  • The Third Fire Chakra – Drum and Tibetan Bowls
  • Fourth Chakra of Air – Kaylani
  • The Fifth Chakra of Air – Sansula and Kalimba
  • The Sixth chakra of Intuition – Bells
  • The Seventh Lotus Chakra – Tibetan Bowls

Sounds, in addition to symbols, serve as an effective bridge to quick and deep relaxation, which is why it’s important to listen the soundtrack when studying Laya yoga. When a person listens to the echo of these musical instruments, their mind clears from everyday thoughts and allows a deep relaxation.