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By purchasing our fairy tales, you will not only enjoy yourself, but will also help us expand this unique project—We plan to create cartoons based on these fairy tales, as well as translate them into several more languages.

On this page you will see seven more chapters of our audio book.


howtoDear parents and grandparents,

An exciting “Magical Adventure” game awaits you inside of this book. Only 10 minutes of play before bedtime, and your child will be able to fall asleep easier, sleep better, and feel more cheerful in the morning.

The entire text is based on the true knowledge of the ancient teachings of Laya Yoga.

Before going to bed, you can read the text with your child, and then listen to the chakra soundtrack especially published for this book. While listening to music for a particular chakra, you can look at the symbols for that chakra. It is very important to listen to music for the chakra that you read about in the book. Following each chakra is a fun game of questions and answers for children and parents to talk about together.

If you guide your child to imagine the Laya Yoga symbols before bedtime, it will be much easier for them to fall asleep, and they will sleep through the night better. Answering questions help them and us understand and tune into our inner world.

Remember that there are no wrong answers! Each evening different answers can be expected depending on the child’s emotional state. These exercises help children better understand their emotions. If the child doesn’t want to answer, then it is okay for them just to think about it.
Parents should feel free to tell the children what they feel in their own animals.

sweet dreams…

A child falls asleep easier and has better dreams when their last thoughts before bed are on the symbols of Laya Yoga. The exercise of answering the questions also greatly expand a child’s imagination.

*While there may be other chakra music online and for purchase, it is important to listen the chakra soundtrack especially published for this book.

By answering these questions, one is removing themselves from the everyday patterns of thinking and giving the mind a chance to relax. A peaceful mind free from daily worries finds it easier to fall asleep with sweet dreams.

Ask your child your own questions about each animal. Likewise, ask them to think of questions to ask you. Feel free to record the story on paper or digitally. These dialogues help parents and children speak in a common language, and allows them to build a stronger connection.