Liya Isakov

Liya Author of Liyas Yoga Tales
Brief info

Liya Isakov, from Mevaseret Zion, was a very special little girl who composed beautiful, original musical yoga stories for children with her teacher. She loved music, nature, and was concerned with all the details of how the world works. She was curious, she wondered about everything, and was always smiling. More than anything Liya loved to sing, dance and was known for her smile. She was interested in everything that had to do with nature and people. She began to love yoga, music and meditation at the age of 5 because the more time she spent in these activities, the happier she felt (as told by her). She felt all the elements of world inside of her, the moon, sun, stars, and loved to dream about them and balance them within herself. For two years, she practiced meditation with Ira and her two daughters, and on the basis of this knowledge within two months created Liya’s Yoga Tales together with her teacher Ira Shirel. These stories helped her sleep well and feel balanced. Even when she was going through challenging moments with her health, she radiated inner joy and love to everyone around her.

Liya passed away in August 2016, when she was just 8 years old, after four years in which she dealt in a highly admirable and inspiring manner with leukemia. Up until the very last moment of her life, Liya was filled with creative ideas and positive thoughts.

Liya wanted the stories to be translated into other languages ​​to help children all over the world sleep better, feel peaceful and well. This was her dream.