Leza Liat Gordon

English-language version of Liya’s yoga stories
Brief info

Leza, came from Boston during her gap year to translate and record the English-language version of Liya’s yoga stories, says: "It's an enormous and great privilege to participate in this project. I’ve learned many valuable lessons about Laya yoga and life from Liya’s stories. I love her and want to make her dream come true…’’Several years ago, what feels like a lifetime ago, I was in a completely different physical, emotional and spiritual state. I felt like I was sleeping through my life, absorbing opinions, suggestions and advice from the outside world without ever finding the connection to myself or being able to consult with my own inner voice. When I began translating the stories, I realized the how essential they were to me to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life. Laya yoga gives children and their parents the ability to balance themselves and not be dependent on any circumstances, people, or outside sources. If the whole world knows how balance their emotions, sleep well, and use Laya yoga, there would be much less illness, war, and aggression. Start with yourself, if children look after themselves, there is an effect on the entire family, community, and beyond. When children learn these priceless tools through yoga, they gain the ability to be truly happy in a modern world. When people begin to use Laya yoga in childhood, then they develop a stronger friendship, connection to themselves and to whoever learns with them.