Welcome to Bedtime Stories!


Ruth T.

The voice and music was so calming that I felt sleep in the middle. I thought it was only for my kids but I discovered that it works on adults too! Lots of kisses.

Sophie K.

My 7 year old granddaughter and I felt the impact of the stories right away when we were able to sleep throughout the night without waking up once. The story came to us when she had been suffering from fears of the dark, being shy, and having a difficult time in school…

Andria B.

Listening together with my daughter strengthened our connection and made her believe in herself! What a wonderful gift we have now that we can fall asleep to the calming sounds of the instruments…. I highly recommend this package to every conscious family…

David K.

I never heard about Laya yoga before and I never heard of meditation, but when I listened with my son the sounds relaxed us. We are so glad to be one of the first families to hear such a tale! There is nothing like it, and for a long time we couldn’t figure out how to get our hyperactive son to go to bed…