Laya yoga (ENG)


Laya yoga Interactive bedtime game for children and parents + music soundtrack. (PDF size: 5 Mb, Size of audio files: 110 Mb)

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A fun, kids night time meditation that helps kids learn about their chakras, and the animals that live inside of them! With questions and through music, parents learn to communicate with their children in an unique language. This favorite bedtime game has helped children feel good and sleep well. Listen this wonderful sleeping story for children, and enjoy.

Table of Contents

  1. 1st chakra
  2. 2nd chakra
  3. 3rd chakra
  4. 4th chakra
  5. 5th chakra
  6. 6th chakra
  7. 7th chakra

What is Laya yoga?
How to play this game
Chakras 1-7
Kundalini snake