Antelope in her imaginary world


44-chapter meditative musical bedtime story for kids

audio CD (English) + physical book (English)

(Size of audio files: 820Mb, Checking: 5 hours 59 minutes)

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Fall asleep well with meditation tales about a loving Antelope that lives in the heart of each and every person. Her adventures remind each child that they have a rich inner world, and teach them how to relieve tension, dispel fears, fall asleep easily, and feel balanced. The story and characters are based on the ancient knowledge of Laya yoga. Sweet dreams…

This book is part of a charity project to help children.

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  1. The diamond in the heart chakra
  2. Antelope, Baby Elephant and the magic lines
  3. Good night, Antelope
  4. Antelope’s dream
  5. Net and the golden threads
  6. The three Antelopes
  7. The Antelope that turned to stone
  8. The black thread in the golden net
  9. Burning the black thread
  10. The dance
  11. Burning the second black thread
  12. Burning the third black thread
  13. Elephant from the Earth chakra
  14. The Elephant’s advice
  15. Peacock from 6th chakra
  16. Inside the golden net
  17. The 13th chakra
  18. The Lotus flower
  19. A real wizardess!

Part 2

  1. Antelope and the Ram
  2. Antelope and the Elephant
  3. Antelope and the Dolphin
  4. Tunnel in the Earth Chakra
  5. Kundalini Snake
  6. Elephant and the silly trunks
  7. Snake’s story
  8. Preparing to go up to the Lotus
  9. Baby Wolf in the Lotus
  10. Snake goes up to the Lotus
  11. Symbols on the Lotus petals
  12. Pictures on the Lotus petals
  13. Snake ate five petals
  14. Snake kidnapped the Baby Elephant
  15. First race: Antelope and Snake
  16. Second race
  17. Third race

Part 3

  1. The blue and yellow Lotus petals
  2. Mantra for the throat and belly
  3. Mantra for the Heart
  4. Mantra for the legs
  5. Mantra for the lower belly
  6. Mantra for the belly
  7. Mantra for the forehead
  8. Mantra OM