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Dearest parents and friends,


פרק 2

אנטילופה מגלה יהלום מדהים ומתבוננת בו יחד עם פילוני

פרק 5

אנטילופה מגלה רשת זהב המסמלת קשר שלנו עם כוחות הטבע

Chapter 2

here our dear Antelope admires a beautiful diamond with her friend the baby Elephant…

Chapter 5

and now the Antelope finds a golden net which symbolizes our connection with the strength of nature.

глава 2

Антилопа и Слоненок смотрят на прекраснейший алмаз….

глава 5

Антилопа разглядывает золотую сеть, которая олицетворяет нашу связь с силами природы

What instruments do you hear in the night time stories for children?
  1. Gongs and Tibetan Bowls
  2. Small Hang Drum
  3. Drum and Tibetan Bowls
  4. Kaylani
  5. Sansula and Kalimba
  6. Bells
  7. Tibetan Bowls

Sounds, in addition to symbols, are an effective bridge to quick and deep relaxation, which is why it’s important to use the soundtrack when studying Laya yoga and listening to meditations. When a person listens to the echo of these musical instruments, their minds cannot be busy with everyday thoughts and allow a deep relaxation, like a massage for the brain!