How were the original stories of yoga born...

Ira Shirel remembers: “I taught Liya to recognize the energetic centers of the body with her imagination and the help of musical instruments and song. We met for two years in my studio or in her home. In the last two months of her life, we met every day on Skype and after each session I would record the story of Liya’s imagination and the music accompanying her story to a chapter, which was about ten minutes long. Thus, forty four children’s yoga stories were born. Liya had a lot of creative power, and she shared with me that the yoga stories made her easy, gave her peace, and gave her a good sleep.”

With the help of Liya’s stories, kids will remember that they have a rich and wonderful world inside of themselves, learn to relax stress, melt away fears, fall asleep with ease, and be in balance!

Aliza Keren (Liya’s mother) writes: “After each meeting on Skype, Ira would send us the recording of the story they created together on Whatsapp. Liya and I would listen to the chapter while hugging and pressing against each other tightly, as the magical sounds of the Tibetan bowls and Kaylani instrument from Ira’s studio played in the background. This combination of Ira’s magical playing and singing, with the instruments and story was very reassuring and gave us the power to keep moving forward another day.”

What are the stories about...

The central character of Liya’s story is the sweet Antelope that goes on adventures in (the imaginary world) of everyone’s heart. During her adventures, she meets friends such as: the white elephant, the beautiful peacock, the Kundalini snake, the legendary dolphin and others. The various chapters deal with friendship, alleviation of fears and spiritual growth of these animals. All adventures occur in chakras, the energy centers in the body! The stories are based on the ancient teachings of Laya Yoga thus the children and adults who read and listen to stories learn to understand the symbolism of each chakra and begin to learn the teachings of Laya yoga.

Globally, our mission is share and spread the knowledge of Laya yoga, investing this knowledge into children, the future of our world. Laya yoga connects us to our inner strength.

We are publishing the books of how how to use Laya yoga before bedtime, and the fairy tale “Antelope in her Imaginary world” for kids, and in the near future a meditative cartoon series based on the stories.

Why is our project a charity project? Because the proceeds of the Kundalini Shop will go to exclusively to a fund to help children in need. First of all, we want to raise money to produce a cartoon series that we will give to children in hospitals who need a good night’s sleep the most. After we meet this goal, all of the proceeds from the sale of the book, cartoon series, and audio CD’s will go directly to helping children. In time, we want to create a fund to help sick children.

Why don’t we want to just give the stories to children without asking people to donate to our project? We want to make a cartoon series for each chapter, and then open a fund so that the charity can continue and expand to grow in the future to other languages, countries, and so on.