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Globally, our mission is share and spread the knowledge of Laya yoga, investing this knowledge into children, the future of our world. Laya yoga connects us to our inner strength.

We are publishing the books of how how to use Laya yoga before bedtime, and the fairy tale “Antelope in her Imaginary world” for kids, and in the near future a meditative cartoon series based on the stories.

Why is our project a charity project? Because the proceeds of the Kundalini Shop will go to exclusively to a fund to help children in need. First of all, we want to raise money to produce a cartoon series that we will give to children in hospitals who need a good night’s sleep the most. After we meet this goal, all of the proceeds from the sale of the book, cartoon series, and audio CD’s will go directly to helping children. In time, we want to create a fund to help sick children.

Why don’t we want to just give the stories to children without asking people to donate to our project? We want to make a cartoon series for each chapter, and then open a fund so that the charity can continue and expand to grow in the future to other languages, countries, and so on.

Ira Shirel

Ira Shirel co-Author and Creator of Liyas Yoga Tales

I am Liya’s teacher of yoga and guided imagination, and a close friend of her family. I live in Bat yam, and have my music studio there! I have a background in music and degree from T.A. University and children’s yoga. I have worked with the system of music and yoga therapy of Noa Blass for over 20 years. I am the loving mother of 3 children, two of which were Liya’s best friends (Maayan and Sheli). I believe in fairies. Good ones.

find out more about me on my website: www.irayogamusic.com

Liya Isakov

Liya Author of Liyas Yoga Tales

Liya Isakov, from Mevaseret Zion, was a very special little girl who composed beautiful, original musical yoga stories for children with her teacher. She loved music, nature, and was concerned with all the details of how the world works. She was curious, she wondered about everything, and was always smiling. More than anything Liya loved to sing, dance and was known for her smile. She was interested in everything that had to do with nature and people. She began to love yoga, music and meditation at the age of 5 because the more time she spent in these activities, the happier she felt (as told by her). She felt all the elements of world inside of her, the moon, sun, stars, and loved to dream about them and balance them within herself. For two years, she practiced meditation with Ira and her two daughters, and on the basis of this knowledge within two months created Liya’s Yoga Tales together with her teacher Ira Shirel. These stories helped her sleep well and feel balanced. Even when she was going through challenging moments with her health, she radiated inner joy and love to everyone around her.

Liya passed away in August 2016, when she was just 8 years old, after four years in which she dealt in a highly admirable and inspiring manner with leukemia. Up until the very last moment of her life, Liya was filled with creative ideas and positive thoughts.Liya wanted the stories to be translated into other languages ​​to help children all over the world sleep better, feel peaceful and well. This was her dream.

Sheli Shirel

Daughter of Ira Shirel and Liya's best friend

Daughter of Ira Shirel and Liya’s best friend, Sheli Shirel (9 years old), is drawing and painting each chapter of the story book and Laya yoga book with a charming and beautiful mandala. She is creative, musical, and has a special talent for connecting to every animal and child.

Leza Liat Gordon

English-language version of Liya’s yoga stories

Leza, came from Boston during her gap year to translate and record the English-language version of Liya’s yoga stories, says: “It’s an enormous and great privilege to participate in this project. I’ve learned many valuable lessons about Laya yoga and life from Liya’s stories. I love her and want to make her dream come true…’’

Several years ago, what feels like a lifetime ago, I was in a completely different physical, emotional and spiritual state. I felt like I was sleeping through my life, absorbing opinions, suggestions and advice from the outside world without ever finding the connection to myself or being able to consult with my own inner voice. When I began translating the stories, I realized the how essential they were to me to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life. Laya yoga gives children and their parents the ability to balance themselves and not be dependent on any circumstances, people, or outside sources. If the whole world knows how balance their emotions, sleep well, and use Laya yoga, there would be much less illness, war, and aggression. Start with yourself, if children look after themselves, there is an effect on the entire family, community, and beyond. When children learn these priceless tools through yoga, they gain the ability to be truly happy in a modern world. When people begin to use Laya yoga in childhood, then they develop a stronger friendship, connection to themselves and to whoever learns with them.